Our Partners

PROSOL stands in close relation with all our partners. With frequent training programs for our engineers and technicians, we are able to guarantee excellent service.

JA Solar

JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. is a leading global (reaching 8GW on the last years) manufacturer of solar products of high performance and uses its expertise in research and development to continuously optimize its unique technologies in the production of PV cells and modules. Since 2008, the technological development of JA Solar is ahead by 6 to 12 months on the competition.

JA Solar attaches great importance to the optimization of assembly processes to continually improve performance and reliability. In mass production rated power photovoltaic modules from JA Solar is on average 5 to 10 watts above the industry average.


EverExceed, as a world-class enterprise, established in 1985, has its headquarter in Shenzhen China, operations on six continents. As a worldwide professional power products manufacturer in the international power market, EverExceed is proud of nearly 30-year manufacturing experience and its solid and professional teams in sales, marketing, R&D, providing innovative & eco-friendly products, power efficiency solution and value-added service. EverExceed manufactures lead acid batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, solar modules, UPS, inverters, solar charge controllers, chargers.

EverExceed is a leading global provider of off-grid energy storage system solutions and services. They strictly follow the highest international quality standards to design, develop and produce the solar modules, solar batteries, controller, inverter, and other relative products. Their products in the field of related applications showed excellent quality and superior performance.

SMA Solar

Accelerate the development of photovoltaic: this is the mission that SMA Solar Technology chose. Developments and constant innovation in the field of systems engineering allow them to make the installation and operation of ever simpler photovoltaic systems, safer and above all more economical. SMA develops and produces solar inverters with high efficiency for all sizes of photovoltaic systems, all power classes and all network requirements around the world, regardless of the type of photovoltaic panels used. This makes SMA the global industry leader, in terms of turnover.

Besides, they have great warranties compare to the market, reaching 25 years.


For over 70 years the name Fronius has stood for intensive research for new and innovative solutions. Perfect efficiency is displayed in each product. Numerous awards, national and international, have been crowned these successes.

Solar energy is converted into current and generally fed into the public grid. The heart of every photovoltaic system consists of efficient inverters, reliable and efficient. As part of the development of photovoltaic inverters (PV), Fronius redesigned technologies and innovative solutions sought. Then now bring completely new answers. The result is the great feature of inverters connected to the network, which work perfectly with all solar modules.


Zeversolar is driven by the idea of a solarpower revolution. By creating reliable, affordable and easy-to-use solar inverters for all kinds of PV systems, they are revolutionizing access to solar power and bringing energy to everybody. To accomplish our revolution, they combine the best of two worlds: Chinese efficiency and German quality standards.

Since their start in 2007, they have become one of the biggest solar inverter manufacturers in China. In 2009, their idea grew into a movement, spreading to Europe and Australia. Since 2013, they have become a part of the world´s leading manufacturer of inverters for photovoltaic systems: SMA.

With headquarters in Suzhou (China), branch offices in Germany and Australia and more than 450 employees, Zeversolar produces single-phase and three-phase string inverters for residential and commercial applications as well as central inverters for industrial usage. Software and monitoring tools round off their portfolio. Since 2015, they have been one of the leading manufacturers of inexpensive solar inverters.


Steca has long stood for ideas and innovations as an electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider and manufacturer of Steca brand product lines in solar electronics and battery charging systems. Our capability and personal responsibility allow us all to create high-quality individual electronic products, as inverters, and to distribute them on a global scale.

Studer Innotec

Studer Innotec is a Swiss company, working in line with the Swiss culture of innovation, quality and reliability. Their team is fully committed to these values, which are also their promises. And only the one who makes a promise can keep it. Therefore, their products are developed, manufactured and tested in their facility in Sion, in the middle of the Alps.

Their inverters, inverter/chargers and MPPT solar charge controllers are all made in Switzerland. In fact, the Swiss quality requires full control of the development and the manufacturing process until the final testing of every single product before dispatching. This is what brings the product reliability that they are known for, and proud of.


Established in 1927, Hoppecke develops expertise and recognized competence in the field of energy systems. It is the leading independent European manufacturers of batteries, chargers and charging rooms system. Its main factory is located in Germany.


Lorentz is the market leader for solar pumping solutions. The LORENTZ technology uses solar energy for pumping water, maintaining and improving the life of millions of people, and that of their livestock and their crops. This is also the meaning of their company slogan – Sun. Water. Life.

Established in Germany in 1993, the Lorentz group was pioneer by innovating and excelling in engineering and manufacture of solar water pumps. We design, develop and produce the widest range of solar pumps among all companies. The design is produced in-house by their team specialized in the solar pumping for 20 years. Production takes place in their own factories worldwide to ensure their high quality standards and a fully operational test program.

Their products are designed for off-grid environments, rural and often hostile. This means that they design and build efficient, reliable and easy to maintain products in case of problems.


RESOL is an ideal partner in solar thermal control technology. Solar thermal technology taps the infinite energy resources of the sun to face the ecological responsibility of tomorrow. The RESOL product range includes a range of high-class solar thermal and heating controllers as well as a broad variety of accessories for the efficient use of energy. All RESOL products are future-oriented, sophisticated and unique in their design.

HKR Technology

HKR Technology is an international company, which has its roots in the crafts. Together, we offer complete solutions with energy-efficient technology. In addition to the swimming pool heat pumps, they also offer systems for larger tanks, industrial solutions, leasing, pool cooling and industrial applications.


The AQUAmax® SBR wastewater treatment plant system from ATB is one of the most modern and innovative technologies of our time.

What at that time caused incredible interest and great skepticism in the branch, is today across the whole of Europe an established product with over 75,000 units sold, unchallenged market leader in Germany. A wastewater treatment plant market without it can no longer be imagined. 

As a leader in the German market for micro-station technology SBR, they bring their attention to their stations are more flexible and they can be mounted in virtually any tanks. In concrete or plastic tanks, as part of a new construction or of rehabilitation in existing tanks, with micro-station AQUAmax® you are sure to have a permanent station.

Schneider Electric

Since its incorporation in March 1981, Schneider Electric has evolved from a product leader in critical power protection to a global product and solutions leader in critical power and cooling, serving the Residential, Data Centers & Networks, Buildings and Industry markets. Throughout the world, the Schneider Electric brand has become synonymous with best in class power, cooling and management solutions.

Schneider Electric offers complete solutions for the conversion of solar energy chain, including power conversion, electrical distribution, control and monitoring, supervision and the associated technical support.

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