Engineering Services

Creating the perfect building energy system, water systems and smart building control to meet the needs of your home or business is an easy task when it is planned at an early stage of the project. PROSOL provides multi-disciplinary engineering, advice and support in the areas of renewable energy, water and energy efficiency.

We have the capability to deliver at every phase of a project, from site selection, feasibility studies and design, to project management of the construction phase, and operations & maintenance.

PROSOL can also accompany the project developer in its efforts to carry out its project, in compliance with the standards, budgets and timelines.


    Create an efficient and comfortable environment in your premises, promoting the well-being of the occupants and reducing the environmental footprint: PROSOL guarantees its customers integrated services for optimal and sustainable use of their buildings.

    Our consultant teams will work closely alongside your project to evaluate its needs and requirement, helping lower overall tariff rates, give advice on more structured longer term contracts and move your energy to renewable sources.

    PROSOL has a 3-step energy saving solution that maximizes a building’s energy efficiency and cost reduction. We perform a variety of tests to evaluate the current state of energy efficiency and follow up with solutions that deliver optimal energy savings. From evaluation through to implementation, energy savings are achieved.

    Step 1: We perform a variety of tests through various software tools and state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to determine the total energy efficiency that can be achieved. Our engineers can also perform specific tests if needed and tailor energy audits based on those needs. Once concluded, we provide a detailed energy audit report with the energy efficiency findings.

    Step 2: Our engineers will recommend targeted savings opportunities. Then, various savings solutions will be proposed, in order to determine one.

    Step 3: We will conduct a second on-site inspection to quantify the exact savings potential based on our agreed upon savings solution and determine precise costing and calculated payback periods.

    The opportunities to reduce energy expense and carbon footprints are mainly:

    • Lighting
    • Building envelope
    • HVAC
    • Pumps and motors
    • Chillers and boilers
    • Heating and cooling systems
    • Power quality
    • Power generation and distribution

    PROSOL delivers expert mechanical, electrical and plumbing project solutions. We use the latest technology to stay on the cutting edge of sustainable design practices and in order to offer our clients high performance facility operation that improves productivity, reduce energy consumption & operating costs there by providing long-term value.

    When you hire our MEP team, we take the time to discuss your project goals. We listen proactively and ask questions. We make sure that we understand your needs. Then, we strategize with you to complete your project within budget and on time. We become your partner and you become ours.

    All of our projects follow this design intent:

    • Needs estimation
    • Energy efficiency (optimize energy and water usage)
    • Cost optimization
    • Superior quality
    • Ease of Operation and Maintenance
    • Occupant comfort
    • Sustainability

    In order to reach these expectations, our engineers use the following methodology:

    • Master planning & concept design stage:
      • Engineering studies based on architectural drawings
      • Cost benefit options of different technologies
      • Development of sustainable strategies
      • Preparation of concept design basis report
    • Scheme design stage
      • Preliminary engineering design and calculations
      • Preliminary engineering drawings and space planning
      • System configuration & equipment selection
      • Value engineering & alternative design solutions
      • Preparation of schematic design basis report
    • Detail design stage
      • Finalize the design criteria
      • Detail drawings with all floor & external layouts
      • Co-ordination with architect
      • Preparation of final design basis report
    • Tender stage
      • Preparation of bill of quantities & cost estimation
      • Tender drawings and specifications
      • Award of contract
    • Construction stage
  • EPC Solar

    PROSOL and its engineers has been delivering custom engineered renewable energy solutions throughout Indonesia, Europe and Central America for many years. We design and develop solar photovoltaic systems for residential, multi-residential, commercial, industrial and institutional.

    Our team works closely with our clients to design the most cost effective and reliable solution to match the requirements.

    PROSOL can find the best solar system, for each particular situation, that will meet the design criteria of the client, while integrating seamlessly electrical systems into the existing building structure. For this, we use state-of-the-art when required; propose the most suitable retrofits or new equipment, based on their specifications, cost, quality and sustainability.

    To propose our clients the best profitability, we make a financial analysis which follows our feasibility studies, estimating:

    • energy required
    • roof capacity,
    • shading,
    • production,
    • ROI,
    • structural assessments of building loading, and
    • utility interconnection.

    Besides, all our system can be monitored in order to control the good operation of the power plant and provide maintenance services in case of malfunction.

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