Our Maintenance

Our qualified engineers and technicians are trained to maintain all our systems, in addition to plumbing systems. Our team has direct contact with technical services from suppliers.

PROSOL’s plans are designed to protect the investments and ensure they continue to perform over their life span. Our operations and preventive maintenance packages offer our customers a cost effective and efficient way to keep their systems at optimal performance for years to come.

  • Residential and commercial solar system service contracts available
  • Service contracts available for both solar hot water and solar electric (PV) systems
  • Plans cover both routine maintenance and checks as well as emergency support & repair


Simple Maintenance Pricing

Solar maintenance contracts are available from PROSOL for a simple annual price. Our typical service and maintenance plan costs 1% of your solar system price per year.

When properly designed and installed, solar hot water and electric systems require very little maintenance. However, periodic checks will help keep your system performing in tip-top shape for years to come. Let the same PROSOL professionals who put in your solar system ensure its performance year after year.

Typical Maintenance Tasks

  • Inspect solar panels / collectors for damage
  • Check for and address any shading issues
  • Remove debris and clean solar panels / collectors
  • Inspect the mounting systems
  • Check system inverter / controllers
  • Inspect / clean electrical components
  • Inspect electric / piping connections
  • Monitor system performance and output

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