Solar Photovoltaic

Solar Photovoltaic

Integrating PV system within the construction phase, or converting existing properties into energy-efficient solar buildings has several benefits. Some are immediately practical and beneficial, and others that will more than pay for themselves over the long term.

A photovoltaic power system is carbon negative over its lifespan, as any energy produced over and above that to build the panel initially offsets the need for burning fossil fuels. Even though the sun doesn’t always shine, any installation gives a reasonably predictable average reduction in carbon consumption.

Indonesia has a very good renewable energy potential, thanks to its abundance of daylight. Wherever your house or company building is, we can make a feasibility study to find the best solution for you. There are several manners to build a PV system: Grid-tie Systems, Off-grid Systems, DC Appliances, Solar Pumping System, and more.


    grid-tie photovoltaic power system is an electricity generator solar PV system that is connected to the utility grid. A grid-tie PV system consists of 2 main parts: solar panels and one or several grid-tie inverters to convert the DC current in AC current to be injected to the grid.

    The solar energy collected by the panels is DC current generally has to be modified into AC current, so that you can use it. For this, we use the best inverters that can be found in the world

    grid-tie photovoltaic power system has the advantage of effective utilization of generated power because there are no storage losses involved.

    ur goal is to provide you the best solution, after having made a feasibility study and a financial analysis. Working with the best brands in the world, our systems are really efficient and get good warranties.

    There are three different sizes of PV power plant:

    • Small residential rooftop systems > 0 to 10 kWp
    • Commercial rooftop systems > 10 to 250 kWp
    • Large utility-scale stations > above 250 kWp

    Unlike off-grid power systems, a grid-tie system is rarely coupled with battery storage system, as they are still very expensive and not cost competitive with utility grid electricity. Besides, it’s easier to install and maintain than off-grid PV systems.

    However, it can be interesting to use a hybrid system, with integrated battery. With great flexibility in terms of storage capacity and system power, this system offers the ideal solution for high auto consumption and backup in case of grid failure, in addition to an intelligent energy management.

    Note specific to Indonesian’s regulations:

    Systems such as Net Metering and Feed-in Tariff which are offered can lower a customer’s electricity usage costs. In some locations though, grid technologies cannot cope with distributed generation feeding into the grid, so the export of surplus electricity is not possible and that surplus is lost, excepted by using batteries.


    Off-grid systems are mainly made for remote area without access to utility grid, like islands, remote resorts, mining industries, etc.  It can be stand-alone power system or mini-grids typically to provide a smaller community with electricity.

    This is the most interesting system to replace or support the use of genset:

    • it allows to consume less energy,
    • it is a renewable energy, and
    • it costs less.

    Besides, to make the system more reliable, flexible and minimize battery cost, there is a possibility for building a system coupled with genset. The genset, integrated, is a secondary protective measure. This is particularly useful in case of long-term stand-alone grid failures.

    At the present time, the fall cost of solar PV systems and the fuel cost, make off-grid PV system profitable in area without access to utility grid. Off-grid system has a net profitability compared to 100% genset use.

    PROSOL offers the best quality products to satisfy its customers with proven and cost competitive products, notably thanks to the best batteries we find on the market, whose cost and life time of the system are mainly linked.


    PROSOL offers complete photovoltaic solar kits solutions for solar installations in isolated sites (DC and AC supply). Ideal for boating, camping car, garden sheds, camping, electrical installations in isolated sites ... lighting, watering, fountain, open automation, charger, etc.


    Pumping takes a lot of energy, and even when you are connected to the grid, that energy costs money. Solar pumps directly powered by photovoltaic panels help to reduce significantly energy bills and offer a fast return on investment.

    Solar pumps we can offer are high-quality products designed to supply:

    • Drinking water,
    • Irrigation system
    • Swimming pool

    These systems provide water economically, without pollution and with reliability, anywhere.

    Our technical design office can assist you in the design of solar panels and the choice of the most suitable pump for your application.

  • DC Appliances

    Solar DC system for small application:

    • DC kit 12V for small appliances (steca)
    • DC system for boats (Matervolt, victron)
    • DC pumps for pool and deep well (lorentz)

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