Water Filtration Systems

Water is one of our most important resources. Indonesia is facing more and more water issues throughout the country due to over-consumption, no proper waste water management, lack of proper regulation, and global warming. It is important to find different ways to produce our drinking water and minimize our waste water.

PROSOL offers solutions for supplying drinking water, desalination projects, and waste treatment plants.


    Reverse osmosis is used to demineralise water intended for drinking water, industrial processes, especially in food industry, etc.

    Using the reverse osmosis technology for your treatment process will ensure:

    • Water treatment
    • Guaranteed reliability and proven efficiency
    • An easy-to-use and safe process without the addition of chemicals (acid and soda)
    • Compact equipment with a minimal footprint
    • Quick and easy implementation

    The reverse osmosis is the most economical method to supply clean water from brackish and sea water. When compares this process to the traditional thermal process, distillation, the investment costs and energy consumption are much lower. PROSOL offers turn-key Reverse Osmosis station for all kind of consumers. In addition, our solutions can be powered by solar system directly.

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    Wastewater treatment (an average between 100 and 250 liters per day per person) is required to contribute to the protection of the environment. Most homes should have a proper wastewater treatment system, collective or individual such as sewage micro-station.

    The special characteristic of the process PROSOL uses resides in the fact that the individual process phases of an activated sludge plant (aerobic, anoxic and anaerobic, mixture as well as sedimentation) run along one-time axis in the same tank. With this, the times of the individual process phases - denitrification (depending on required effluent quality), nitrification, settling phase, clarified water discharge and removal of excess sludge - are matched to the respective degree of loading and thus the meeting of the required discharge limits can be maintained with certainty.

    PROSOL offers a number of tools to efficiently analyze, evaluate, and treat your entire wastewater operation from primary clarification to discharge, and can provide complete monitoring and control system to ease maintenance remotely.

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